From the vault!!!

This was my first real custom bike... and yes it was a Jappy!!!

It was a 1990 Suzuki LS 650, single cylinder, that i bought cheap, and turn into a bobber with the help of a couple of friends...

The power of that big single was unbelievable, and it runs very smooth, it was a great school to me, and taught me a lots of things, and it was in that time i start walkin´into the dark side...

I spend such a freakin´good times with you, and we share a full fist of good things...
I miss you baby...



A couple of hours in the workshop... and from this point it will be surprise...


The last Ride!!!

The last ride of my bike before the Big operation!!! It was my daily ride for almost 3 years, i put a lots of miles on it (half of it in city) and never let me down.

I never open the engine, only put gas, and oil.... and lately Alots of oil!!!!!!!!

But it always run like a Clock it starts most part of the times at first kick, not bad for a 40 years old bike, but tonight i will dismantle it... Stay tunned more pics on next weeks...

Great fucking machine!!!


Air Cut of the Day!!!

Today it was air cut day, here is a nice couple of sportys, mine and Mr. Smith´s barber racer!!!

Cool Rock´n´Roll air cut, with lots of Grease, good job Mr. Smith!!!
Tomorow it will be the last riding day of my Bike, it will suffer a severe metamorphosys!!!


My Daily Ride!!!

My daily ride... it´s a 71 ironhead 900cc and yes, i ride even in the rain, look my cool front fender!!!!!


Support your local tattoo artist

I made the scketch and my friend Nuno Feio (HateBall) made me the tattoo job!!!


Cool 50´s Barber Shop "Barbearia Lvsitana"

This cool barber shop, is located in Odivelas (Lisbon suburb, and very near from airport) and the barber is Ruy Smith.

If you look for that special, vintage, rockabilly aircut, grease and Rock´n´roll, you have to visit this shop, very cool environment, good music, good magazines and good talk!!!

Barbearia Lvsitana

Rua Augusto gil 7A

2675 Odivelas, Portugal

"Simply" Triumph

Jack Nagel send me some pictures of his cool Triumph Bobber.

I love it, Jack, everything is perfect and that Joe Hunt MAG is the cherry on TOP!!!! Congratulations, and thank you for the support!!!


FREE Stickers!!! SOLD OUT!!!!

Just leave me your adress and i will send you some!!!



Be a man and ride with a MAGNETO!!!

My Morris MAG, ´cause Magical Electronic ignitions are for pussies!!!


Vintage Hondas in Rome

In the midle of thousands crappy scooters, i saw these cool vintage Hondas... The 1st is a CBX550 FII, and the 2nd is a CB1100F Super Bol D´or.


Street Tracker Bomb!!!

This very cool ride was totally made in Portugal by Motobel´s father and son, it have 1600cc from S&S in a sporty engine.
It is a fuckin´ Rocket.

Cheers and keep Riding

Logos for Zombie AL

I create this logo for Zombie AL, because in my poor French i understood, he wants a new Logo...

The last one is the ZOMBIE Al logo,he just want to turn it printable to make stickers

Cheers AL and FTW


World Wide Famous MoonEyes Shop!!!

The MoonEyes Area1, is situated in Honmoku, Yokohama, it takes about one hour to get there by train, from Shibuya Station, you have to leave the train in Yamate Station, and catch a taxi, its very near from there...

And about the rest, you have to be there to see... its a fucking dreamland!!!

Cheers and keep riding